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August 2009 | Ideas Exist | a blog of ideas


Idea #8: Emotion-targeted marketing

Advertising these days leaving you cold with respect to the human condition? Feeling a little violated? Let the warmth flow back into your soul with this heartwarming tale of how marketing could be. Maybe making people feel happy could actually make, someone, somewhere, some money… One day… […]

Idea #7: Fab Labs

Want to be able to make almost anything in your garage? Instead of putting a new car in there, fill it with a Fab Lab. Ah – you don’t know what a Fab Lab is do you not? Let me tell you, it’s going to make all your dreams come true. Well, within reason… […]

Idea #6: Umbrella rental

Are you a weather-focused entrepreneur looking for an umbrella idea that’ll take the world by storm? Search no more, my friend, you have found your oasis of fresh idea waters in this desert that you have walked, companionless, for so long. Come, bathe in this idea with me… […]

Idea #5: Design your own bar

Mass customisation is everywhere. We can now design our own babies, design our own hats, and even design the Grandmas who knit them. I mean choose. Despite this, most of the real world remains stubbornly uncustomised. Let’s force the issue… […]

Idea #4: Big Tribal Brother – a documentary

There are still over 100 tribes in the world who reject contact with the outside world. Are we going to let that happen? Yes. But do we still want to find out what they tribal people are like and show off all our civilisation? Naturally. Enter Big Tribal Brother – a documentary made by you… […]

Idea #3: Poor models

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen will make about $25m this year, while half of the world’s beautiful people – who could actually do a better job for advertisers – are struggling through lives of abject poverty. If you don’t right this wrong, someone else will. […]