Idea #9.5: Remote graffiti

Get out the closet and let me see your hand. Not that one, the other one. Ha – what’s that?! A marker pen?? Look at the inside of this closet! I always knew you were a frustrated graffitist. Here, have a look at this idea. You can go out and play tag with all the other boys and girls, but you don’t even have to leave the house… […]

Idea #9: Pimp My Village

Pimping trash rides is one thing, but how about pimping poor people’s lives? Why not their whole village? And I’m not talking sex trafficking. For what I am talking, read on fellow pimp… […]

Project #1: Buy a Fab Lab

Last week I posted about Fab Labs and why they are such a great idea. To my ecstasy, it received four comments (inc. one from me) – the first post in the explosive short life of this blog of ideas to receive such a monumental response.

But this blog is about action, not mere […]