Idea #25: Amazing Stuff website

To celebrate a quarter of a century’s worth of ideas (had I blogged at a rate of one idea a year (I’m trying)), here is an extra special idea – one I’m actually doing!

We are all aware that Ideas Exist is a blog of amazing ideas. But these are mostly figments of my obtuse imagination. What if you are looking for real stuff, amazing stuff – where do you turn?

Fear not for I have created it. It is called Amazing Stuff.

Amazing Stuff

Amazing Stuff screenshot

Attack of the horizontal niche

You might be surprised if I said that before Amazing Stuff there were very few websites only featuring amazing stuff. But did you ever find any?

True, there are sites with plenty of funny videos, cool new gadgets etc. YouTube is full of amazing videos, if you can find them. But very few sites feature only the cream, only the stuff that could genuinely be described as amazing.

That left a niche for us to slip into. Not what I would call a ‘vertical niche’ – i.e. a niche focused on a particular subject; rather a ‘horizontal niche’ – ┬ájust peeling the icing off all the cakes instead of filling ourselves up on one whole one.

This leaves a huge amount to be explored. So far the site features amazing videos of extreme sports like wingsuit flying, living superheros like Wim Hof, the Ice Man and little-known yet amazing practices like eagle hunting. The only criteria for selection is that it could reasonably be described by a normal person as ‘amazing’.

How to get involved

We want to build a community of people who share the love of amazing stuff!

  1. Enjoy the site:
  2. If you like the site, do us a favour and ‘like’ it on our Facebook page.
  3. If you’re good at spotting amazing stuff on the web, you can recommend it to be featured on the site here or on the Facebook page.


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