Idea #25: Amazing Stuff website

To celebrate a quarter of a century’s worth of ideas (had I blogged at a rate of one idea a year (I’m trying)), here is an extra special idea – one I’m actually doing!

We are all aware that Ideas Exist is a blog of amazing ideas. But these are mostly figments of my obtuse […]

Idea #23: Make Me This

If Karl Marx could have invented eBay, what would it be like? If you could invent a refrigerated sandwich box, how will you cope with knowing that you never did? This is the best idea I’ve ever had, with the possible exception of some others. […]

Idea #17: The Walking Advert

Since we were on the theme of advertising in Idea #2, I thought I’d continue 15 ideas later with another idea designed to harness businesses’ lust for exposure: make yourself into a walking advert.

“Ha!” I can hear you saying, “Sell out!” But hold your tongue a minute. You have sold out yourself and got […]

Idea #10: Advertise on money

To celebrate reaching Idea #10 – a global experiment! Ever feel frustrated at the amount of self-publicity the leaders of your nation get on bank notes. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it… […]

Project #1: Buy a Fab Lab

Last week I posted about Fab Labs and why they are such a great idea. To my ecstasy, it received four comments (inc. one from me) – the first post in the explosive short life of this blog of ideas to receive such a monumental response.

But this blog is about action, not mere […]

Idea #1: A blog of ideas

Alas! Great and original ideas are dying left, right and centre. I can accept it no longer, so I have established this blog. From now on, I will share every original idea I have and every great idea I hear about. You! Why not send me your ideas too? […]