Idea #13: GPS alarm

Despite invoking feelings of utter despair in billions of people every morning,

alarms are admittedly fairly useful.

If you’re like me, you not only use them for getting you out of bed, you use them for reminding you to do stuff.

Fine. That’s fine. Yet another brain function replaced by technology. But I suppose the Neolithic days when the brain was invented weren’t filled with business meetings…

…I mean, that’s what everyone uses reminders for, right? Appointments, business meetings?

Err… No. I don’t. Normally, for me it’s more like this: “Right, I need to remember to pay that fine next time I’m in the library.” Or, “When I’m in town I have to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners.” (Actually, the last one’s a lie – I never do that – but that is what people do, right?)

Then I have to guess when I’ll be in the right place to do these things. Guess! I thought I wasn’t supposed to be using my brain here?!



We all know that’s not how things should work.

Idea #13: GPS alarm

A location-based alarm will change all that.

It’ll be an smartphone app that lets you highlight an address or area on Google Maps, and set an alarm to go off when the GPS detects that you’re in that location.

GPS alarm

I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t had this idea already, but I haven’t been able to find one in the App Store. (There are a few iPhone ‘car alarms‘, which set off an alarm if your phone is moved at all, so this could presumably be easily modified to create the infinitely more useful GPS alarm).

It’s also got me thinking about

Idea #13.5: Pre-call reminders:

You know when you’ve just hung up the phone and you think, “Shit, I forgot to tell him about that great idea I had”? What about an app that detects who’s calling you, which you can set to display relevant reminders on the screen before you pick up?

You could probably charge money for either of these apps and make yourself moderately rich. I would obviously expect the app for free as I gave you the idea – that, plus the knowledge that you have made your life plentiful and carefree, is all the reward I need.

What am I thinking?!

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