Idea #22: Make any amount of money you desire in less than 10 minutes

Dead end sign

From this...

Want to make a quick buck doing nothing but browsing around shops for stuff you really, really love browsing around shops for?

No, wait, this isn’t something shit!

(You are going to learn information that the FDA, the FBI, the BBC and Al Qaeda don’t want you to know!!)

I am going to teach you IN THREE EASY STEPS how to earn ANY RATE OF PAY YOU DESIRE!!

>>>>>>>>>WANT TO BE RICH??<<<<<<<<<<

Here’s what L Ray of Swansea had to say about this winning method:

“I couldn’t believe it. It worked exactly as he said. It’s so simple! I can’t believe more people aren’t using this method!!”

I’m now going to tell you information that could change your life.

Are you ready?

    People who have perfected this technique can literally become an instant millionaire, several times over, in one or two hours of effortless BROWSING!

Here’s the process:


The process is as follows:

  1. Saunter casually into your favourite shop with the air of a rich man. The kind of man who reads watch magazines. Perhaps even buy a watch magazine before you go in there. Have a haircut, have a shave. Sling your sweater over your shoulders and breeze into the shop. In theory it can be a shop selling anything, but while you’re practicing it’s better to go into the kind of shoddy goods shop you’re acquainted with. You won’t be spending much more time in there after you’ve perfected this technique.
  2. Browse. Look around for the absolute bestest thing. The thing you feel you can’t do without, you have to buy it. You can buy it – you’re a tremendously rich man, the richest (soon to be)! Go on, ask to see it. Ask confidently. Pick it up, handle it. Ask lots of questions. Be casual, this is no big deal for you, you do this kind of thing every day. Let’s say the thing you’re looking at is some kind of executive toy, quite a posh one, for senior executives. Something to do with golf.
  3. Golf device

    Ask the price, casually like:

    “How much is this office golfing device?”


    You think to yourself: “That’s quite reasonable. This is a pretty cool device – I could have some fun with this.”

    Look the assistant in the eye. She’s young. Make her shy. Any other day.

    But not today. Today you’re on business, you’re at work, you’re making a mint. Oh yes, yes you are, you started accumulating your new wealth at least 10 minutes ago.

    “I’ll take it,” you smolder. Why not? You’re just about to close your first deal.

  4. Absent-mindedly stroll over to the counter. Your purchase decision has been made, you’ve left the assistant in an agony of awe and desire, now your mind is on other things. Important things. Business matters.
  5. Now the final step is where it all happens. Take out your wallet, act perfectly normally. At this point you are absolutely focused. You are a kestral, a hunted fox; you are a master of deception. Take out your money. Focus. Your mind is now a void. Forget everything you are and everything you were. Forget everything you wanted. Look at the golf device on the counter, the assistant’s vacant eyes. Now, without a word, go and put the golf device back on the shelf and walk out of the shop. And feel glorious.

Congratulations. You just made yourself £75 in less than 10 minutes. Not a bad rate of pay for your first day on the job, eh? Go out and treat yourself.

I call this technique the reverse purchase.

Next time, if you’re after the big money, go and out and reverse purchase something you’ve always dreamed of. You can get earn a lot on reverse credit these days…

Lambourghini Murcielago, white this. Using only a small amount of brain power. Compare that to the horsepower you'll get from this beast and it's no comparison, so don't bother. Then consider: is one small part of brain worth more than a thousand horses?

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