Project #1: Buy a Fab Lab

Last week I posted about Fab Labs and why they are such a great idea. To my ecstasy, it received four comments (inc. one from me) – the first post in the explosive short life of this blog of ideas to receive such a monumental response.

But this blog is about action, not mere volume of words, so to celebrate the success of the Fab Lab post I’ve cooked up the first wild and unlikely project…

Project #1: Buy a Fab Lab

I’ve put up the following pledge on

Sign my pledge at PledgeBank

So, basically, if you think it would be a cool project to chip in $200 with 100 other random people and buy a Fab Lab for Christmas, follow these steps:

  1. Sign the pledge.
  2. Get other people to sign.
  3. Once 100 people have signed, we arrange a safe way to collect the money.
  4. We vote on where to put the Fab Lab (e.g. a school in Mongolia).
  5. Maybe some of us take a trip there to see it set up, make great inventions for a couple of weeks and have parties.

The main idea, as I wrote in the Fab Labs post, is that a Fab Lab in an underpriviledged community can help locals innovate solutions to their problems and create spin-off business opportunities.

A reasonable thing to buy for $200, is it not? Especially if we get to play with it whenever we want!

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