Idea #21: Selling vuvuzelas

At some points in your life, you know there is a bullish business opportunity just waiting to be taken by the horns. At other points, you feel disgusted with yourself for going against your inner moral code.

When these two points coincide, you are on the verge of selling vuvuzelas.

Now is that time.


I’m sure you’ve noticed the vuvuzela phenomenon – that annoying horn people are constantly blowing at the World Cup.

As you have feared, vuvuzelas are selling out faster than a bear twitches when being attacked by a swarm of bees. And, according to the Guardian, the trend is spreading worldwide:

Sainsbury’s sold 22,000 red vuvuzelas – or “Vu Vu horns” as it brands them – in 12 hours before England’s game – one every two seconds. The supermarket chain has ordered 25,000 extra horns but thinks it may run out before Friday’s game against Algeria

One extremely clever bloke already dubbed himself The Vuvuzela Man – most of his are sold out too. He was selling them for £10 each.

The handy thing is, you can buy them for about 10p from Chinese wholesalers via Alibaba. You’ll have to buy 5,000 minimum, but if you’ve got £500 to spare, it seems that you could multiply that by at least 50 once you sell them all online at (that’ll set you back another £10).

But if your inner moral code won’t let you face the prospect of being next football season’s most hated man, you could forget selling vuvuzelas, and concentrate on developing “The Vuvuzela Plug” – a simple device to be inserted into the largest orifice of your nearest vuvuzela user.

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