Idea #27: Herbal Recognition app

I’ve been reading the Moneyless Man‘s book recently. Author Mark Boyle was just a normal Irishman going to work in a suit until he realised that money is the root of all the world’s problems. So he did what any sane person would do: he gave it up.

No, sorry mate I've got no […]

Idea #13: GPS alarm

iPhone, iBrain, iRemember, iAlarmed, iLost, iMaps, iFound, iFusion, iConfusion… If this sounds familiar, read this post. […]

Idea #11: Augmented reality Facebook recognition

Sick of being surrounded by strangers with whom you are unable to play Mafia Wars? Rest easy, the problem is solved. Oh, and you no longer have any privacy either. Your personal sphere is a burst bubble on the breaking wave of augmented reality. […]

Idea #9: Pimp My Village

Pimping trash rides is one thing, but how about pimping poor people’s lives? Why not their whole village? And I’m not talking sex trafficking. For what I am talking, read on fellow pimp… […]