Idea #17: The Walking Advert

Since we were on the theme of advertising in Idea #2, I thought I’d continue 15 ideas later with another idea designed to harness businesses’ lust for exposure: make yourself into a walking advert.

“Ha!” I can hear you saying, “Sell out!” But hold your tongue a minute. You have sold out yourself and got […]

Idea #10: Advertise on money

To celebrate reaching Idea #10 – a global experiment! Ever feel frustrated at the amount of self-publicity the leaders of your nation get on bank notes. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it… […]

Idea #8: Emotion-targeted marketing

Advertising these days leaving you cold with respect to the human condition? Feeling a little violated? Let the warmth flow back into your soul with this heartwarming tale of how marketing could be. Maybe making people feel happy could actually make, someone, somewhere, some money… One day… […]

Idea #2: The Money Giveaway

Businesses paying to give money away? That doesn’t sound like them… Falsch, my friend, falsch! Companies will do anything for attention. Get your organising hat on. The idea is your power. […]