Idea #27: Herbal Recognition app


Idea #23: Make Me This

If Karl Marx could have invented eBay, what would it be like? If you could invent a refrigerated sandwich box, how will you cope with knowing that you never did? This is the best idea I’ve ever had, with the possible exception of some others. […]

Idea #18: Blind music festival

I’m not blind and neither are you, but wouldn’t it be good to pretend we were and go to a music festival? That’s a key feature of this idea, but you’re missing some important details so have a read to fill yourself in… […]

Idea #10: Advertise on money

To celebrate reaching Idea #10 – a global experiment! Ever feel frustrated at the amount of self-publicity the leaders of your nation get on bank notes. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it… […]

Idea #9: Pimp My Village

Pimping trash rides is one thing, but how about pimping poor people’s lives? Why not their whole village? And I’m not talking sex trafficking. For what I am talking, read on fellow pimp… […]

Project #1: Buy a Fab Lab


Idea #7: Fab Labs

Want to be able to make almost anything in your garage? Instead of putting a new car in there, fill it with a Fab Lab. Ah – you don’t know what a Fab Lab is do you not? Let me tell you, it’s going to make all your dreams come true. Well, within reason… […]

Idea #4: Big Tribal Brother – a documentary

There are still over 100 tribes in the world who reject contact with the outside world. Are we going to let that happen? Yes. But do we still want to find out what they tribal people are like and show off all our civilisation? Naturally. Enter Big Tribal Brother – a documentary made by you… […]

Idea #3: Poor models

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen will make about $25m this year, while half of the world’s beautiful people – who could actually do a better job for advertisers – are struggling through lives of abject poverty. If you don’t right this wrong, someone else will. […]